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Our Story

Jordan and Alana met at the ripe old age of 21 in the classiest of settings - a local pub formerly known as the 'Foggy Dew'.

Alana was standing with a friend by the dance floor, and Jordan happened to see her from across the bar. He knew he had to go over and say hi. To break the ice, he approached her and asked, "What are you drinking?" To this, Alana replied, "Here, you can have it." She then handed him her drink and walked over to the dance floor. Her friend looked at Jordan and said, "If you don't go dance with her, I will." And the rest is history!

Seven years, two degrees, a move to a different province, Jordan starting engineering, Alana starting veterinary medicine, an adopted puppy, and a rescued guinea pig later... Alana and Jordan are so excited to soon be married and call each other husband and wife. ♡
Alethea and Ruth